Installation and Removal

Installation and removal

The quality of installation will directly effect robustness, survival and accuracy of the Uniform Crystal Temperature Sensors. Installation and removal is not difficult.  However, it does require care and must follow the guidance provided in our official Installation and Removal Guide.

Installation and removal

Support and Documentation

LG Tech-Link Global provides customers with a complete Install and Removal Guide for standard applications. We also provide tailored recommendations specific to your requirements and for non-standard applications during the test planning stages.

To optimize the installation it is important to take into consideration all the specifics of the operating environment and check the compatibility of the proposed installation technique with the part’s material makeup and functionality. LGTL Global has accumulated years of experiences in this area and adds value in guiding you on getting the most out of your UCTS application.

Training and Certification

We can provide on-site training and certification for your technicians.

Installation and Removal Services

We can direct you to companies that have had training from us and offer experienced install and removal services. Some also have EDM and other services to offer. Ask us.

Important to note

  • Platinum – UCTS should never be in direct contact with platinum. We have been used on parts with coatings that contain platinum, but extra care must be exercised to avoid direct contact!
  • Proper Magnification is Critical – Good optical equipment is key to success. 40 – 120X magnification is recommended. Losses during install and, particularly, during removal drop dramatically when the technician is working with a good microscope. We use the Lynx Evo Stereo Microscope by Vision Engineering in our lab and use the higher magnification settings.
  • ThermocementResbond 906 by Cotronics is the recommended thermocement to be used. This is based on empirical and analytical studies. Please discuss with us if you have any questions on this point as it impacts survival and accuracy of the UCTS.
  • TBC Application, Braising and Other Heat Treatments – Avoid heat treatments after UCTS installation (TBC application, braising, flame spray applications, etc.). We are regularly used along side other techniques (e.g., paint), on coated parts, with TBC, etc. With this experience, we can provide specific guidance and help identify what must be avoided and what can be done with special care.
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