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LG Tech-Link Global is based in Arizona, USA. We have been providing Aviation and Turbomachinery Industries with access to Crystal Temperature Sensor Technology since 2000. Continued investment in research and development efforts helps ensure our services and business practices meet the needs of our customers.

We are ready to support your project based on our expert knowledge of the technology and years of field experience working on real engine test campaigns.

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LG Tech-Link Global, LLC

Office phone: +1 (623) 777 – 3233



Company Background

LG Tech-Link Global was founded by Lev Ginzbursky, who’s background included 18 years working within the Russian aerospace industry in the area of jet engine and component testing, followed by 20 years in the United States, working as a Principal Engineer for US aerospace companies in the areas of Turbine Analytical Design and component / engine testing. Lev’s understanding of the demands on practicing engineers and the future requirements of the industry itself is reflected in the way we approach projects. We continue to emphasize improving sensor capability to support growing rigor in model validation, focus on accuracy in the increasingly complex and harsh turbine environment and attention to the quality of testing.

Lev Ginzbursky - LG Tech-Link Global